Archangel Michael’s Centennial Year Begins With Lecture Focusing On Science And Christianity

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On Thursday, February 24, 2022, Archangel Michael Orthodox Church’s Centennial Education Committee inaugurated a special lecture in celebration of its hundredth year. Parishioners and guests attended in-person, and virtually, to hear William DiPuccio, Ph.D. offer a multimedia presentation on the correlation between Christianity and various sciences and philosophical issues like atheism.

Dr. DiPuccio opened by saying, “I want to congratulate your parish on this anniversary, this landmark date of 100 years–that’s remarkable!” He continued with his lecture, entitled, “Science & Christianity: The Rest of the Story” touching on four areas of conflict between science and religion: the Copernican Revolution, the conflict over Genesis, the conflict over Adam and Eve, and concluded with the conflict of the Big Bang Theory.

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Dr. DiPuccio is a member of St. Elia the Prophet Orthodox Church in Akron, Ohio. His Ph.D is in religious studies, and he is a former weathercaster for the US Navy. He is currently teaching astronomy, meteorology, and geology online for the Classical Learning Resource Center, an Orthodox based school.


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The year of 2022 will mark an exciting milestone in the life of Archangel Michael Orthodox Church. We will celebrate the 100th anniversary of our parish.


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